How to make a mould for your Grill

How to make a mould for your Grill

July 18, 2017 0 Comments


How to make the impressions for a Grill

Equipment needed:

  • 2 bags of moulding agent
  • 2 tray
  • Moulding slip
  • Plastic bag

All the equipment above can be provided by contacting


  1. Take the blue and white moulds and mix together like play do
  2. Mix well for 20 seconds until agent is all one colour
  3. Place moulding agent within tray
  4. Quickly place in mouth as mould dries and hardens fast
  5. Bite down hard and hold in mouth for 3 minutes
  6. Rinse out spit and wrap mould in cling film
  7. Place mould in plastic bag provided and use same postage box to send mould to SD jewels

***Open your mouth wide and when the mouthpiece is correctly placed under your teeth then bite hard into the mouthpiece. Hold for 3 minutes.***